From The Chairman's Desk

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to The Royal Institute of Management and Engineering (RIME). At RIME strive to nurture your minds and bring out the best in them as our mission is to nurture ingenious leaders and engineers.


Our faculties and seasoned staff will impart the necessary knowledge to our students to achieve the above and consequently, enhance their employability. The job market in every country is evolving and dynamic through the dictates of globalization.


It is therefore our ultimate aim not only to educate our students but to develop them to become future skilled and talented entrepreneurs and/or employees in their chosen field as global citizens. 


As an institute, we are constantly seeking international collaborations and fostering partnerships with other educational institutions or multi-national companies to broaden the opportunity base for our students. 


Our students have a convenient learning experience in which they can access course materials, e-resources, past examination/assignment papers and continuous assessments from our modern learning portals from anywhere in the world. We wish you the best in your studies.

RIME Affiliations & Collaborations

RIME is constantly seeking local and international collaborations with other educational institutions so as to broaden the opportunities base for our students. Remarkably, we have currently attained the following synergies: