Our Cyber Security Course is designed to meet the growing needs of preventing and detecting computer crimes in our digital age. The course seeks to teach practical, hands-on, applied knowledge that can equip individuals on computer security techniques; to teach the latest applications and tools used in the IT security field and to provide the knowledge that will help user to meeting certification requirements in the IT security field. The course institutes ethical hacking techniques so that as cyber specialist students have in-depth knowledge of how systems are penetrated.

  • MODULE 0
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 1
    Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    Foot printing and Reconnaissance
    Scanning Networks
  • MODULE 2
    Vulnerability Analysis
    System Hacking
    Malware Threats
  • MODULE 3
    Social Engineering
    Session Hijacking
    Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • MODULE 4
    Hacking Web Servers
    Hacking Web Applications S
    QL Injection
    Hacking Wireless Networks
  • MODULE 5