This course is designed for individuals who have basic computer user skills and who are interested in obtaining a job as an entry-level IT technician. The course provides student with a working knowledge of how to assemble a computer from separated components, how to handle problems related to system or to hardware. The course will cover assembling, disassembling of computers and other peripherals, installation of operating systems (Windows and/or the Linux). It also includes troubleshooting hardware and software problems, Hardware and software repairs and maintenance.

  • MODULE 0
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 1
    Orientation Module
  • MODULE 2
    Hardware Fundamentals
  • MODULE 3
    Operating System Fundamentals
  • MODULE 4
    Networking and Security Fundamentals
  • MODULE 5
    Safety and Operational Procedures
  • MODULE 6
    Supporting Display Devices
  • MODULE 7
    Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components
  • MODULE 8
    Managing Data Storage
  • MODULE 9
    Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows
  • MODULE 10
    Working With Other Operating Systems