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Rime is an international Training Institute and Examination Board that offers distinct Management and Engineering programmes.

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This is RIME!


To be a preferable world class management and engineering Training Institute and Examination Board.


To nurture ingenious Managers and Engineers.


To produce leaders in entrepreneurship, business management and engineering by providing industry relevant qualifications and effective professionals.


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RIME offers a myriad of qualifications with diverse career paths.







Why Choose RIME?

RIME learning is outcome based and seeks to empower graduates with real-life industry experiences and have a great range of employability initiatives that makes students job-ready.
All graduates undergo compulsory entrepreneurship and finance exposure which makes them unique problem solvers and equipped for the global challenge!

Employers prefer to see a real world experience on your resume. Here at RIME we give you room and opportunity to gain practical experience while you study, build your portfolio and network through continuous assessments and assignments  that allow you to engage the industry and gain pragmatic learning experiences.

RIME has vast collaborations with other international Institutions and programmes which enables you to go in the region and beyond on study visas. You may spend as little one week and as long as one  year in destinations around the world.

One such facility is the India Technical and Economic Co-operation (ITEC) program which we are mandated to promote by the Zimbabwe India Chamber of Commerce (ZICC) an arm of the Indian embassy to Zimbabwe.

Through our mentoring program RIME invites reputable and proven local and international entrepreneurs, experts and academicians to present in workshops every semester.

This program is premised on the basis that experience is the best teacher. this gives our students and graduates the pevilege to get mentorship from seasoned and celebrated global icons. 

As soon as our students finish each level they’re given a period (normally, 2-4 weeks) to choose an organisation of their choice in which they visit or get engaged voluntarily.

In this period they have the opportunity to observe professionals and ask questions to become career ready whilst at the same time acquiring practical experience. 

RIME at a Glance

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Student Affairs Office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.


Royal Institute for Management & Engineering

Learning and growing together

Thank you so much for showing interest in our institution. We hope your studies will add value to your professional development and we look forward to elevating you to greater heights!


The curriculum for all courses comprises of 3 levels of 6 subjects each


Interestingly, a partial certificate is obtainable upon completion of each level. All our Professional Graduate Diplomas comprise of eighteen (18) subjects and can be completed between 18 months to three years.  It is from the depth and breadth of the subjects that the qualifications derive their strength and relevance from.

Courses offered with 12 in Management and 12 in Engineering Faculties.
Countries represented by over 1500 Students.
International Students with 10% under RIME Cultural Exchange Scholarship.
Teaching faculty with 30 men and 20 women.
Students receive financial aid and selected via entrance and assessment test.
Students lecturer ratio, for proper attention to each student.

What sets us apart?

Flexible Study Options

We have fluid learning options that are in harmony with your day to day schedule.

We term it “Convenient Learning”.

Choose between full-time, part-time, distance and online learning.

Student Gateway

RIME has dedicated Student Support Teams, and a wide range of services, so you can feel at home from day one.

All are easily accessible through the Student Affairs Office, which offers information and guidance on areas including:-

  • Student finance and welfare
  • Jobs and careers
  • Counselling, mental health and well-being.


All our programs have a mandatory entrepreneurship course that is meant to equip and instigate a sense of ingenuity and innovation in all our students.

Our mission is to groom the next generation of leaders in both the private and public business circles.


Bringing Learning To your Doorstep

Choose between Full-time| Part-time| Distance | Online Learning


Admission process

It's really easy to enrol with RIME. We have 4 main ways in which applicants can kick-start the process.

RIME has a dual application and admission process. Once a student makes a manual application form he/she is supposed to register his/her details on the digital online application form. Upon completion of this form the student outcome will be sent via email. The outcome should be within 48hours. However, some applications may take long.

The email (successful applicants) that will be posted from the registry office will contain the student registration number and further details of the studying modalities. In case the student seeks further guidance he/she should contact the Student Affairs office for further assistance.


Apply Online

Click the Online Application link on on our website and complete online form.


Download and Print

You can download a PDF application form, print it out and return to us:

Admissions RIME

5 Cardigan Road, Belvedere, Harare.


Call or Come in

Our Student Affairs can help with your application. Call:

Our Student Affairs can help with your application. Call:

+263 242 752707/8
+263 775 064 733

request an Education Officer (EO)

In instances where you have limited time and require a discussion, Simply request our EO to visit and attend to you  from wherever you are.

Additionally, we have periodic mobile enrollment clinics across the country. Contact our Student Affairs (Item 3) for arrangements. 


Enjoy a unique learning experience with us…

Over the years, RIME has crafted its reputation as a reliable and trusted provider of quality education and has meticulously assembled all the ingredients to transform itself into a leading knowledge hub in management and engineering. The factors below are amongst the various distinctive features of the RIME learning elements:

18-36 MONTHS| A partial certificate is obtainable upon completion of each level. In principle, we have three (3) levels, namely;
Level 1 (Foundational Level),
Level 2 (Operational Level) and
Level 3 (Executive Level).
Each level can be partaken in a minimum period of 6 months or a maximum of 12 (twelve) months.

Yes. Study notes for each subject have been carefully prepared by our seasoned lecturers and professionals from different backgrounds. They help cover every aspect of our syllabi. Hence, those studying through distance learning will never find learning difficult.
Interestingly, our study material is case study oriented hence helping you apply theory into practice. Learning has never been this fun!!!

Virtual learning has many virtues!! Our virtual classroom can be accessed through our online Student Portal where both the learners and lecturers communicate to each other just like the real classroom but from different geographical locations.
Also, assignments, exercises and marks can accessed in the portal. Communication among the participants can be achieved in various ways like text chat, live video, live audio, and so on.

The benefits of our virtual classroom include: i. Increased convenience ii. Effective time management iii. Sharpened digital skills iv. Affordable v. Speedy feedback on assignments.

There is power in numbers and diversity. Our diverse community of staff and students constitutes of people who value each other. That’s why we’re fully committed to promoting equality and eliminating discrimination for all staff, students, applicants and visitors.
Our community promotes through an inclusive mixture of our differences and similarities represented by race, culture, colour, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, ancestry, genetics, religion, religious creed, disability status, veteran status, familial status, culture, language, communication, education, socioeconomic status and other dimensions of life.

Simply put, you are a right fit to enrol with us. Become a member of the pride.



Molding the minds of Tomorrow's Leaders Today.

Our assessment is based on 50% Continuous Assessment (Formative Learning) and 50% Examination. We pride in this model because it blends real world-on the job exposure instead of absolute theory.

Our approach is practice based and not cognitive regurgitation! 

Research that makes a difference...

We're a globally responsible organisation, committed to identifying and solving problems, enriching people's lives and bringing about lasting change.

Our curriculum is problem centered and seeks to tackle problems that impact society, human life and our planet!

Overjoyed female student with a backpack and a book jumping and gesturing happiness isolated on white background

Fees Subsidies

100% of our students receive fees subsidies which is enabled by the generosity of donors as well as the RIME Senate’s commitment to provide affordable education.


30% of RIME students are privileged to gain full or partial scholarships each year.

Financial Aid

We're here for you every step of the way.

Our Financial Aid Office is committed to ensuring that you have access to the resources necessary to finance your education and invest in your future.

 We’re here to help you apply for aid, manage your costs and stay informed on all your available financial aid options.

It is important to note that financial aid is need based and in most cases, financial aid awards are applied directly to the student account as a credit towards the cost of tuition and fees (Ancillary costs such as transcripts, certificates and appeals are not included) .

For assistance contact our scholarship office at financialaid@rimeonline.org.

Work Study

Students can apply for work study opportunities and secure a job placement on campus or beyond in which they gain income which is channelled to their fees account.

Private Loans

Some students might need further assistance and choose to secure a private loan through a lender of their choice. RIME can recommend banks or micro finance companies that offer the best and swift financial assistance.


Student Affairs Committee

In case of any query, please contact members of our Student Affairs Committee.
They would be glad to help you.

RIME courses are designed with careers
in mind and we want all students to
acquire skills and knowledge essential
for the competitive job market.

Message from C.E.O

We believe skills can display a certain language.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to The Royal Institute of Management and Engineering (RIME), part of the Intrepid Education Trust. Thank you for viewing the RIME website. I believe that you are seriously considering to study with RIME in the near future. You have made  a wise choice.

We at RIME strive to nurture your minds and bring out the best in them as our mission is to nurture ingenious leaders and engineers. Our faculties and seasoned staff will impart the necessary knowledge to our students to achieve the above and consequently, enhance their employability.

The job market in every country is evolving and dynamic through the dictates of globalization. It is therefore our ultimate aim not only to educate our students but to develop them to become future skilled and talented entrepreneurs and/or employees in their chosen field.

We also offer courses that are capped by an on-the-job-training element. This provides hands-on experience to our students with on the job training, which will then place them on a higher standing when they seek business ventures or employment upon completion of the relevant course in the global job-market.

Additionally, as an institute we are constantly seeking international collaborations and fostering partnerships with other educational institutions or multi-national companies so as to broaden the opportunities base for our students.

Our teaching staff are carefully selected based on their qualification, experience and dedication. We monitor their delivery of our courses so that students get maximum benefit. We maintain a very conducive teacher: student ratio for lectures and tutorials.

We at RIME look forward to welcoming you as our student and future alumni.

Yours sincerely,

Tafadzwa Emmanuel Kumani (Esq.)- BHSS (AU), MPG (AU), CDIMD (NITTR-Chennai,India)

Chief Executive Officer


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Study Material

learning a rime Study Material Study Packs Yes. Study notes for each subject have been carefully prepared by our seasoned lecturers and professionals from different backgrounds. They help cover every aspect of our syllabi. Hence, those studying through distance learning will never find learning difficult.  Interestingly, our study material is case study oriented hence helping… Read More »Study Material

Virtual Learning

Learning at rime Virtual Learning Register Virtual Learning has many virtues! Our virtual classroom can be accessed through our online Student Portal where both the learners and lecturers communicate to each other just like the real classroom but from different geographical locations. Also, assignments, exercises and marks can accessed in the portal. Communication among the… Read More »Virtual Learning


Important dates and guidelines

The Institute accepts applications throughout the year but we strongly advise you to apply as early as possible.Exams are held in May and November each year respectively.

Don't be afraid to apply. I never thought I’d even get to study with RIME. But I got in, and with a financial aid. Without it, I wouldn’t be here.

Emma Mbara

Best Student and alumni, 2019



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“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds” Wayne Dyer


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